Monday, October 22, 2018

Oh Dear! FFK Openly DISOWNS Omisore, Mocks Him Over Loss Of Senatorial Ticket

Wait! This politics thing is a serious matter o. Lol. Fani Kayode and Omisore are cousins and when it was left for Omisore to help either APC or PDP win Osun governorship election. FFK proudly took to twitter to say HIS COUSIN Omisore would be joining force with PDP to win the governorship election. But Omisore dissapointed and joined the APC camp.

Few hours ago, FFK took to twitter to mock his cousin, referring to him as HIS FORMER COUSIN, saying the only thing APC compensated him with for helping them  win Osun election is his international passport they gave back to him. He mocked Omisore saying he still lost the Senatorial ticket he was gunning for after 'selling his soul tot he devil'

But can you refer to your cousin as 'former'? LOL, Impossicant... What the VERY OUTSPOKEN FFK wrote below...

''So my former cousin Iyiola Omisore did not get the Senatorial ticket for Ife East from the APC after the dirty job he did? The only thing he got from them was his passport.Someone just got served. It never pays to sell ur soul to the devil. His infamy and treachery is legendry''