Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Pakistan Executes Serial Paedophile...

An accused pedophile and killer of eight children has been executed in Pakistan after his appeals were rejected by the courts, officials said.

Mohammad Imran was hanged at a prison in Lahore in the presence of Amin Ansari, the father of one of his victims.

The rape and murder of Ansari's 7-year-old daughter Zainab in January caused a global outcry.

The hanging took place in the early morning on October 17 and the body was handed over to the man's family, prison official Muzaffar Awan said.

Imran was arrested two weeks after Zainab's body was found at a garbage dump in the town of Kasur near Lahore in January.

Police said the girl had been raped and strangled to death. Imran confessed to having s-xually assaulted and killed another seven children during interrogation.

Ansari, whom a court allowed to witness the execution, said he felt satisfied after seeing his daughter's killer dying "horribly."

"I feel justice has been served," Ansari told Pakistan's Geo television.

Nearly 3,500 children are s-xually assaulted in Pakistan every year and most predators escape the law due to legal and social complications, Gohar Mumtaz of the charity group Sahil said.


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