Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Patrick Obahiagbon Pays Tribute To Late Anenih, But His Family Won't Be Able To Read It

Here's Patrick Obahiagbon's tribute to former works minister and elder statesman, Tony Anenih who recently passed on. He writes...

My sincere condolences goes to the family of late Chief Tony Anenih who has gloriously transited to empyrean ensconcement.

Chief Tony Anenih’s transition is indeed a colossal loss to all, as he was a great personage not just to us in Edo but the nation in caboodle.

He will be greatly missed for constantly promoting the good people of Edo state in highly exalted positions in Nigeria’s political atmospherics.

In fact, his solid political interventions in the corpus of our pax Nigeriana shall remain coruscatingly etched in the Nations encephalon and non pareil. He truly emblematized a savoir-faire predilection in his political peregrination.

Even as we mourn his transition,let us also be consoled because he lived a very productive life.His presence was felt as the Iyasele of Esan land and a bridge builder for Edo State and Nigeria.

I pray that the Great Geometrician of the Universe grant the family the fortitude to bear the loss.

Patrick Obahiagbon


  1. I got loss at the 3rd paragraph

  2. Simple rip would do

  3. I just pity this man's family, wondering how they will be talking to him

  4. I took my time to study the words he used and they are all correct.

    1. No be lie. Your name says it all

    2. Yeah. They are all correct.

      It's just too complicated a tribute. Hope the deceased family won't develop headache while reading it.