Friday, October 19, 2018

Photos: British Woman Faces Death Penalty In Malaysia ‘For Killing Husband During Row’

A British woman faces being executed in Malaysia after being arrested on suspicion of murdering her husband.

Samantha Jones, 62, was detained yesterday after her spouse John was found dead with stab wounds to his chest at their house on the holiday island of Langkawi.

Following the gruesome discovery of the 62-year-old British man at 2.30am yesterday morning, detectives arrested Mrs Jones, alleging she murdered him following an argument.

The pair were staying in Langkawi, a jungle-clad, tropical island in northwest Malaysia that attracts millions of tourists annually to its beaches.

They had lived there for the past 11 years, the Malaysian Star Online reports.

Mrs Jones has been remanded in custody until a further court hearing in six days' time.

Local police chief Mohamad Iqbal said: “The couple were believed to have engaged in an argument.

“The wife then took a knife from the kitchen and stabbed her husband in the chest.”

A 12-inch knife was found on the floor of the couple's bedroom with blood stains on it, he said.