Friday, October 12, 2018

Taxify Driver Allegedly Battered By Davido's Boys Narrates Bitter Experience With Photos

According to Abiodun Aboderin, who currently types from his hospital bed, he was driving along Lekki, when a man told him he was driving too slow. The man got down from his car, approached him and punched him in the mouth. Soon, as the said man left, he noticed he branched into a street and entered a white house, so Abiodun drove behind him, just to get a sensible person to talk too, not knowing it will be the beginning of his unforgettable day.

As Abiodun reached the house, other men joined in assaulting him. When Biodun would look up, he saw Davido at the balcony with the man that caused the trouble on the express. Long story cut short, Biodun was beaten blue-back and was sent away like a thief. Biodun who types from hospital says he might not be able to do anything to them, but karma is real.


  1. Blame it on the drugs

  2. No be Davido beat you naw, there is a big difference between Davido and 'Davido's boys. Tell us people that beat you shikena

  3. Chai!! Oga na small boys beat you like this

  4. If na agbero beat you, will you come Instagram