Wednesday, October 3, 2018

This Video Of An 'APC Leader' Saying They Won’t Allow Anyone Vote For Ambode Is Trending

Lobatan! Apparently, a man believed to be one of the leaders of APC atleast for a unit in Lagos was caught on camera saying anyone who wants to vote for Governor Ambode will not be allowed and sent away. See, he was caught on camera saying it ni o, hmm! When exactly are we going to have democracy? This is heartbreaking! And one man is going around feeling like a god saying if elected, he will turn Lagos around and even said Ambode put in a good fight! When actually there was no fight! Was the election fair? If yes, this video has done no justice to that. SAD!

@Newyorker, Hrm Paul, Olu@tlanta, SMURF, Amaka Igwe, Sexy Wemmie una dey see your people?


  1. Replies
    1. Yorubas are a cursed race. Their groupie mentality is equal to none.

  2. I pray they lose in lagos state. Ambode's crime was that he didn't practice i chop, you chop government

  3. See the real problem of Nigeria

  4. APC/ Tinubu will surely regret this, this is this beginning of their failure in Lagos

  5. Lol aunty ladun y u tag me abeg oo no allow tinubu boys come carry me shey way we warn. Ambode no to. Contest him no heaar him dey form incumbent war lord see wetin happen now. Chai tinubu bad

  6. I personally did instagram video sent to ambode sir don't. Contest monumental disgrace has been planned for u him no hear see d outcome

  7. Am blushing with my name up there, winks, Tinubu owns Lagos and Ambode not succumbing to him caused his defeat. All his dogs will never change despite their life being the same, smh for them