Monday, October 1, 2018

#Time2Atikulate: Nigerians Tackle Atiku On Twitter

Some of you are so rude, and I mean so damn rude. Say what? Lol. That’s a joke by the way. If only the way people talk on social media, we act that way in reality, Nigeria will be America! Asin a better America sef! There’s so much gut on social media, but none  in real life!

So Atiku’s media aide currently got #Time2Atikulate trending on twitter (give it to him, he has the best media team, he’s always got it) but Nigerians don’t think it’s time to atikulate really. Some praised him for his brilliant ideas, but urged him to pass them down to Buhari, saying he necessarily do not have to be president even if he has the ideas. It’s more than this people. Some of the tweets below…


  1. You are absolutely right,Nigerians have so much gut on social media than reality

  2. Atikulate indeed

  3. Lmao there is nothing to be atikulated

  4. Hopefully we the youths put heads together and not continue this parasitic thread. Let vote for some young like we clamored for. Atiku wants to enter that office by any means necessary but sometimes you don't have to be in power to usher in change when it's necessary. Mark Zuckerberg made a name for himself.