Monday, October 15, 2018

Trouble? IK Ogbonna’s Wife Returns To Instagram! Drops Actor's Name!!

Ik Ogbonna’s wife, Sonia Ogbonna Morales who recently disappeared from Instagram is back to the networking site but without her husband’s name!

Rumours already have it that all might not be well with the couple, but they have both kept mute on that except for a time Sonia made a mild post saying their relationship isn’t perfect afterall.

At the moment, the couple still follow each other on IG.

Sonia who is also a relationship expert now bears Sonia LaReina away from her old Instagram name -- Sonia Ogbonna Morales. The couple who tied the knot in 2015 are blessed with a boy named Ace. Read what Sonia wrote sometime ago about their relationship on instagram.

She wrote;

''Happy relationship is not found, it’s built. Its okay to be confused, scared and lost. We can’t know something we never experienced before. When we did wrong it was simply because we didn’t know better. Now we do. It’s a process.
Then you learn how to remove pride (Igbo man VS feministic,”i know it all” kinda independent stubborn alpha woman = you can only imagine?) and listen to UNDERSTAND because you care,and NOT to REPLY satisfy your ego because you want to prove him/her “wrong”.
It took us some time, but that’s also just fine. Thank God we didn’t divorce every time we thought of it when times were harsh ??Otherwise I would not be able to discover that you can fall in love with same person more then once.
The most genuine & exceptional male creature I have ever come across. Bless you . Thank you for all the happiness ?.”
‘Thank God we didn’t divorce every time we thought of it’


  1. Ofcourse they are not together for now. Ik cheated. Can he leave Nigerians girls? For where

  2. Hmmm, all the speculations of their marital crisis is appearing to be true

  3. Who does not know that Ik is a fuck boy?
    go and ask juliet ibrahim first

  4. Ik and his chop life gang are not holy pass

  5. His side chic Alex caused it lol.

  6. His side chic Alex caused it lol.

  7. Trouble in paradise

  8. Men are dogs? What could make Ik cheat on the beautiful woman

    Nice Curves

    What else is he looking for?

  9. Toor,so called relationship experts with troubled marriage

  10. Monitoring spirits everywhere