Wednesday, October 17, 2018

University Student Arrested For Stealing Women's Panties To Masturbate

Police in Senga, Gweru, have arrested a male student at the Midlands State University after he was caught in possession of a collection of female lingerie he allegedly stole from female students at the campus.

Prince Danda was arrested for theft on Monday while in possession of the panties which he allegedly used to satiate his own s-xual desires.

According to a voice audio circulated on social media and allegedly belonging to him, Danda told police at Senga in Gweru that he would often sniff at the underwear to feel the female scent and be s-xually aroused.

During those moments, he “admits”, he got the much desired female scent while imagining himself having s-xual intercourse with the owners for his own s-xual gratification.

Danda is due to appear in court soon.