Saturday, October 20, 2018

Why My Past Marriages Failed – Akin Lewis

Akin Lewis is a household name in the make-belief industry in Nigeria, having made some monumental impact since he started out in the ‘70s.

Till date, every producer and director strive to get him on set due to the sterling professionalism he brings to play. But then, the soft-spoken actor in this interview with the Sun, made some eye-opening and breath-taking confessions, not hiding his feelings one bit.

You are over 60 years old now. How would you say the road has been for you in your career?

In one word, it has been awesome and that really encompasses mountain top experiences, valley low experiences and all of that. Having spent as long as I have, things have really happened, and that is why I said ‘awesome’.

If you weren’t an actor, what would you have been today?

I probably would have been an ambassador because I love travelling a lot. The truth is that even now, I am an ambassador of some sort.

Which actresses do you like being on set with the most?

I have really enjoyed working with Joke Sylva. I also enjoyed working with Bukky Wright, Jaiye Kuti and Omotola Ekeinde. Those are professionals I have enjoyed working with

You have been married twice and both marriages failed. Why didn’t any of your two marriages work out?

You will probably need to ask the women but I think they were just being greedy, they didn’t understand their roles as wives. But if there are other reasons, they will have to explain themselves. That’s what I can say about that. I think they were selfish; they wanted it all and do not understand what it means to be married to somebody like me.

As the man here, don’t you feel any sense of guilt that you probably didn’t manage the relationships well?

No! See, we all make mistakes because we are not perfect, but my people say that cutting off the head is not the cure for headache. That is why I said they were selfish; they wanted it all without thinking of the implications it would have on family. In management, we usually say that you make the error of judgment in employing someone. That is probably what happened. The error of judgment was mine.

What would you like to change about your past, if you have your way?

Still about those marriages, I want them deleted. Yeah, I would like them deleted because it is not funny when you give someone all you have and they take it for granted.

Is that to say you still nurse that as a form of regret, till date?

Well, it won’t be good to regret; but answering the questions, those two, I don’t want them in my CV.