Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Will Tambuwal Be PDP’s Candidate In 2019 After The Party’s Convention In PortHarcourt?

Adeyanju who is known to mostly give right predictions says so. This will be hard to believe and if so, PDP just lost out. Putting a not so popular candidate is dead on arrival.

Even the Atiku all of you are rejecting will stand a better chance to compete with APC’s Buhari. And ofcourse Saraki is a popular candidate too.

If you even ask me, Na Saraki o. Yes I said it, Bukola Saraki! Come and kee me, lol. 😂🙉Adeyanju’s prediction below…


  1. They should all forget it, Bubu is going back to aso rock in 2019

  2. You are right Ladun. Tambuwal cannot get the votes(however he is likely to get the nomination because he is a sitting governor which means he cannot be arrested by efcc some days to election and the pdp govs see him as one of them. Neither can Saraki pull any numbers in Kano (2.5million already 'according to APC') or Kaduna. Atiku is tainted (by conspiracy) and most Igbos don't generally like him. If they want a candidate who will give them the most numbers at the polls, it is btw Kwankwaso and Atiku(Saraki is not a grassroots politician and only appeals to some educated people and Kwarans). PDP needs a candidate who will shave off some of Buhari's votes in Kano, make all igbos and middle belters come out enmasse. Then appeal to young yoruba voters who do not like Tinubu especially those angry at how Ambode was treated. PDP need to move from motor park politics (Wike is now the party leader) to real strategists. Buhari is the easiest person to beat. You just have to present your message to the right people, unfortunately PDP ain't ready so come May 2019, you will be saying 'Sai Baba' again -Newyorker