Monday, November 12, 2018

Aremu Afolayan Blasts Nigerian Leaders After Immigration Won't Let His Sister Fly & Demanded Bribe Again...

Nollywood actor, Aremu Afolayan is very upset with Nigerian leaders and the way they let the system run. Afolayan who was at the international airport, where his sister was not allowed to fly said the immigration officer that attended to her first claimed, her passport was fake, then later requested for more money before he would allow her to fly. But it seems she missed it, and Aremu had to do a video to express his frustration calling all the leaders out.

While posting the video on instagram, he write;

''So frustrated today by the situation of this country, the people working at different parastatals actually think they are some kind of god . Ethiopian airline staffs are so inefficient. They refused to carry a passenger for no reason .

The girl in question is not a citizen of Nigeria , she went with her France passport and other documents issued by the France consulate , all they needed to do was to verify the passport but no the manager said he is not comfortable with the passport so she can’t fly with them , he actually dropped the passport and took to his heels . Imagine the immigration saying she should get a Nigerian visa , for what ?I don’t know .

How will you ask her to get a Nigerian visa to go to France , I don’t understand this and I need some explanation, after that they said she should get a Nigerian passport, for what please???this is wrong and I am so angry at that . The same manager has agreed to carry the girl with additional cost and all. Which way Nigeria, why are treated like uneducated animals and why are these people acting like important fools , all you need to do is do your job and do it right .

When will this stop . The security at the departure are not helping matters , how can you ask me to pay to let my family see me off to the check in point , this is wrong very wrong . Even the immigration officers wants to collect money for anything they do ....why why why 😡😡😡😡. And I know the mayor @akinwunmiambode of this and every other state can find a lasting solution to this , the president @muhammadubuhari himself can override things to set them right but I bet they don’t even know people are traveling out of the country, check the airport all you see are Nigerians running away from the country. I have never seen an EMIRATI or an AMERICAN that will run away from their country. Until you have no one to govern or be a president over before you know .



  1. Naija for show

  2. Corruption has eaten deep this country

  3. Para mode activated

  4. Abegi, what is buhari and ambode's own? Are they the one working there? SMH

  5. Sorrry Aremu most wanted like crude oil

  6. This is serious, which way Naija