Thursday, November 8, 2018

BBN's Khloe Left Frustrated After 3 Countries Denies Her Visa

BBN's Khloe has been left frustrated after three different countries - UK, US and Canada have all denied her visas. Khloe took to her IG to express her frustration and also asked hwat could be done. She wrote;

Guys let’s have a chat about EMBASSIES in Nigeria ...
What are your experiences?
What do you think can be done ?
I’m so angry , pissed and frustrated .. been Denied severally and it always put me in a bad state.... UK - 3times. US - 2 times.  CANADA- 1 time

The most annoying part is it’s non refundable application . Some even pay For fast tracking which it’s not a small change ... All documents required are complete but you still have a way of saying NO. Like my last uk application , the refusal letter was totally different from what was in the application and I was like where did I state this one. I said I’m freelance and you still asking me for salary records after explaining in a full letter how the money in my account comes in with evidence from the companies I worked for . Shame.

Yah all visit our country without stress but making ours hell and have an embassy in our country: SOME OF US CANT EVEN LIVE OUTSIDE NIGERIA .we just want to visit , explore and have fun . So sad * I think it’s fair enough to have a proper interview not that 1min interview claiming psychologist * I think it’s better to get a refund after refusal . At least 50%
*I think it’s cool to do a proper check on individuals
  And so on .


  1. Stay in your country

  2. They don't owe her any Visa right. Why is she complaining? Stay in Naija, it will be better

  3. Sorry, I can relate

  4. Peraps her documents are faulty or not well compiled

  5. I really support her claims

  6. It's not your time, don't force it

  7. You don't deserve a right cos you are human. It's their country and it's you that wishes to visit and if you are not given then stay put and don't rant on social media. Besides you are not alone