Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Blac Chyna Drops Her First Rap Single, ‘Deserve’

Blac Chyna dropped her first single Deserve on Monday. And the 30-year-old beauty proves she is part of the rap game as she is joined by hip hop music superstars Jeremih and Yo Gotti on the fiery anthem.

Given that the entire track is about men who don't 'deserve' the reality star, fans speculate she is throwing shade at her exes, particularly Rob Kardashian.

The track opens with a slow beat and the line 'These broke n**gers don't deserve p**sy.'

Blac Chyna is soon heard rapping: 'F**k you thought, Think you 'bout to hop up out the whip then hop up in this p**sy, Talk that talk, But when it's time to pop a band you hop up and you shook.'

Blac Chyna told DailyMailTV she would 'love to do music', saying: 'I've been working on some music. I never been the type of person to really coast. I just want to test all my boundaries to see if I can actually kind of do it.

'My music is actually kind of fire. I have a little bit of singing, a little bit of rapping and I have a little love song.'

She added: 'We are just testing it out right now. I'm not about to throw myself out there. [I want to] make sure everything is in line.'

Blac Chyna said she would love to collaborate with Drake, saying: 'I'd be like Drake, you put me on that first time, maybe we could do a little 2.0. I would love that.'

No word yet if there will be an album dropping as well.