Monday, November 5, 2018

Fire Guts Mai Atafo's Office

There was fire outbreak over the weekend at Nigeria's fashion entrepreneur, Mai Atafo's office. Mai who explained how the fire started and what it destroyed however says he is full of thanks to God and also gave credit to  operatives of the Lagos State fire service who arrived very early-- 5 mins after call, he said.

What Mai wrote about the incident;

A call to 767 at 11:30pm on Saturday night and 5 minutes later give or take we had men from the fire service in full action. Speed, expertise and dedication from the firemen saved the day and I am still full of gratitude.

It was finally discovered that it was the electrical point (socket) of the air conditioner that must have started the fire and the only person in the building ran past the fire extinguisher for dear life (can't blame the guy) We lost a production room several ironing tables, industrial irons, sewing machines etc. Luckily the windows were all shut so the fire couldn't last so long but the heat was really powerful and proceeded to do the final damage melting everything else.

Where the fire and heat ended soot took over, let's just say the fashion trend for the night was all beautiful with tint of soot.

We are thankful to God that they no injuries or lives lost and high spirits to get back to production today.

To everyone involved with the business you may experience some delays buy we will ensure not to disappoint. Right now it's all positive vibes.

You can't change the past but you can design your future and in our case, it will be done fashionably.

Thanks again to the Lagos State Government Fire Service.