Saturday, November 10, 2018

I Can’t Remember How My Husband Won My Heart, Singer Omawunmi Reveals

Nigerian singer, Omawumi Megbele has revealed that unlike most women, she cannot remember how her husband was able to win her heart. She revealed this to Showtime saying, she would have to go and ask him.

“My husband is extremely quiet but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t put his foot down. But seriously, how was he even able to win my heart? You know what? This is a very good question, when I’m done with this interview I’ll go and ask him how he was able to win my heart. I guess he decided to be my friend. I think that’s the best way to answer it. You know from friendship it became something deeper. Ours was a very interesting story that I’m not ready to share right now”, she said.


  1. How it taake concern us.we don't want to know how he won ur heart daats ur private business not ours

  2. Why wont you be able to remember something as important as that