Sunday, November 18, 2018

I Might Report Photographer To Police - Lilian Afegbai

Nollywood actress, Lilian Afegbai has said she might report an Abuja photographer she contacted for her birthday photo shoot for not meeting up after full payment and not feeling remorseful about it all. Speaking with Sunday scoops, the actress said;

“Let’s even assume the money I paid her wasn’t enough, she should have just said she couldn’t do the job. If she knew she couldn’t pull it off, she should have let me know beforehand. After making me go all the way from Lagos to Abuja for a shoot, she disappointed me.

Some of my loved ones even felt I was stupid for going all the way to Abuja to take pictures but there was a particular look I wanted to achieve and that was why I insisted. The most annoying thing is that she was just so rude and nonchalant about it.

It is not acceptable the way some people act these days. We need to understand that having a strong work ethic is very important and professionalism is key. If you know you can’t do something, be upfront about it.”

Reacting to people who said she shouldn't have brought it to social media, she said;

“Before I made the post online, I pleaded with her to do the right thing. But she sent me a voice note, sounding nonchalant about what she did. That was what got me upset. At the end of the day, people are entitled to their opinions and I am also entitled to my opinions; I am a human being too.”

On what is currently being done to remedy the situation, Afegbai said:

“She said she’s not going to refund my money. The last time I called her phone, she hung up. If she’s annoyed that I went on social media, then she must be very silly. I went on the Internet because I was upset and I wanted people to know what she did so she wouldn’t do it to another person tomorrow.

It was my birthday pictures and it was very important to me. I knew that it was going to make me happy and that’s why I decided to do it. I know at the end of the day, she’s going to pay my money.

I’ll make sure she does that. I will still reach out to her but if she doesn’t budge, I will go to the police.”


  1. It's like someone paid the money on her behalf mschew

  2. On top photoshoot?

  3. Lilian place sue her. A make up artist did same to my cousin. She didn't even apologise.

  4. your birthday has come and gone

  5. I concur, agreement is agreement

  6. But your birthday has gone, abegi forget it and move on
    karma is a bitch...