Friday, November 16, 2018

Just In! Brother-In-Law Writes In, Seeks Help As Husband Allegedly Batters Wife [Graphic Photos]

Only posting this because people have accused me of not posting most of their domestic violence mails. Mostly, when I get mails like this (a little different from this tho, cus this is very serious) I just let it slide. When they say Ladun, help me tell the world my husband wants to kill me, he cheats on me, I politely reply, madam leave him, leave his house.

He beats and cheats on you, what should Nigerians do if I publish the story? LEAVE NOW, save yourself from early grave. No be do or die.

Now another mail just came in, this is a bit serious with evidence you know, but then, I still ask myself, WHAT IS SHE DOING IN THAT MARRIAGE. Did you see that cut? Damn! Well the mail. I edited some parts tho (were real names were mentioned) and am not posting the guy’s photos. Please if you have advice for this woman, her brother and family please drop. The mail;

Hi Ladun,

I hope you're doing well?

My name is [EDITTED] and I am writing you from Europe. I will like to request your help in publicizing the appalling domestic violence my sister is facing at the hands of her husband, [EDITTED], an Officer of the Nigerian Mobile Police division 17.

I resorted to writing you, after spending the whole day googling for services through which to file a report. My search results seems to indicate that only Lagos state is making any real attempt to deal with these issues. My sister lives in Ondo state and I just cannot in good conscience sit back and watch until she's killed by this maniac who's been brutalizing her for years now.

I understand my family have filed a complaint against him but he's not yet been arrested. My family had previously filed a complaint against him, I think in 2014 but he got away with a warning. Seeing that he could get away with such appalling and unconscionable acts, I guess he's gotten even more emboldened to the extent of attacking her with a machete, saying he'll kill her and nothing would happen. You can find some of the pictures of the attack attached to this email. Unfortunately I'd already deleted pictures I had from the previous instances of him beating her up.

I think we can all agree that this is unbecoming of a self-respecting MAN talk less of an officer of the Nigeria Police Force. The fact that such an unstable man is allowed to carry a gun sends chills down my spine.

You may want to ask why she's still with him? I ask the same question myself. My family have tried severally to help her leave but I just cannot get my hear around where we went wrong with her. In all honesty, I do fear for her life and that of her kids.

His Facebook ID is [EDITTED]. I have also attached few of his pictures I could find to this email. I am happy to provide you a copy of my passport to proof that I am not attempting to disparage him.

I would understand if you choose not to publish anything about this but please know that you have the platform and we all have the power to enlighten people that this is wrong.

Raising your hands on a woman is inexcusable and can never be right. We have kept silent for far too long about scourge of domestic violence in our society. I am hopeful that this case being publicized by someone of your clout will help ensure that real action is taken against him.

Thank you and best regards,


  1. Expose the idiot ladun post his pictures

  2. When will women learn. A Man that gave you a cut like this doesn't love you again. Run for your dear life

  3. When will women learn. A Man that gave you a cut like this doesn't love you again. Run for your dear life

  4. Domestic violence is real. Run before it's too late

  5. Women suffering in marriage since 1900

  6. He should be reported t human right asap

  7. Poor woman, hoping she will get justice. This is too much

  8. Too bad. And she is still in that marriage?