Sunday, November 4, 2018

Kim Kardashian's Ex Reveals She Had 'Louis Vuitton S*x Toys & Spent $100k A-Year On G-strings'

He's the recording artist who dated Kim Kardashian between 2005-2007.  And while many thought their 2007 s-x-tape had exposed everything, Ray J has now revealed some dark and dirty secrets about his ex-girlfriend.

From spending $100,000 per year on G-strings, her Louis Vuitton trunk of s-x toys to her need to snack mid-s-x, the 37-year-old couldn't help put spill it all while talking to party-goers in London on Thursday night, according to The Sun.

Kim and I had fun times - marathon session,' he began while speaking to fans during the 'boozy' and 'wild 12-hour party session', claims the publication.

'But she didn't like getting sweaty and would stop to do her makeup if she did.'

And Ray J claims she's always been particular about looking her best and the right lighting even whilst doing the deed.

She liked to look dope during s-x, the right lighting, setting the mood. She was wild - there was a red Louis Vuitton trunk of s-x toys.'

Kim has continued to share her love for the designer brand, even getting her own garbage bins wrapped in the iconic Louis Vuitton print.

And while Ray J gave details on how she would touch up her makeup during and after s-x, he also added she would only drink $300 Cristal champagne that was perfectly cooled to 22 degrees.

'She would order out for pizza, the only thing not working up a sweat was the Cristal cooled to 22 degrees,' he said.

And with the pizza was ordered, her drink was cool and her makeup to her liking, Ray J also revealed that if mom Kris Jenner called during s-x, 'she would nearly always take it'.

But the loose-lipped musician didn't stop there, moving on to discuss her finances.

The publication wrote: 'During a wild 12 hour party session, he [Ray J] also told revelers about Kim's wild spending habits - claiming she racked up around $100,000 on "floss" - the American term for thongs.'

And while she was said to have been spending much of her annual earnings on particular undergarments, she appears to have ensured she's kept the pieces in tip-top condition.

Taking to Instagram in August, she shared a shot of her vintage Gucci thong from 1997 - retailing today on eBay for $1500. 

During Ray J's night out, he also reportedly referenced his ex's current marriage to Kanye West, reciting: 'I hit it first, man!' before confirming he had no regrets on his time with Kim.

The musician who currently married to stripper Princess Love, first rose to fame after his s-x tape with the KKW Beauty entrepreneur.