Thursday, November 15, 2018

Lady Narrates How She & Husband Take Days Away From Each Other Despite Being Married

Lol, some have described it as cray, but forget, this is LIT! Makes life better and makes you think straight. A lady with the twitter handle, @divamonroe2uhoe, Diva Monroe has narrated how she and her husband sometimes take a break off each other despite still being very much married. Some have criticized it, while some welcomed it. If you ask me, IT IS A WELCOME IDEA. Lol… Her narration below…

''My husband and I live in separate homes. I have my own place. And we share one. Keeping my place is the best decision ever.

For those that keep asking, “ArE YaLL SePeRaTeD?” No. We aren’t. We live together. We share one home together. I take a few days out of the week to sleep at MY place because we both appreciate the peace and a break. How is this not a simple?

Also, we share a son. So I get a good nights sleep without my son a few times a week and so does he. This works for our work schedule and daily life. It’s kinda nice cause it feels like we’re still dating sometimes. He’s not a cheater, so you can dead that topic. We just living.

I have owned my condo since I was 20. We just got our shared home in July. We work. That’s how in this economy. I feel like everyone can do this. Not everyone is cohabiting to survive.''


  1. Her business not ours if she like make she live for Tokyo her hubby hiroshima we don't care

  2. Well, every marriage have their own styles, it worked for you doesn't mean it will for other

  3. Well, it depends on understanding and trust

  4. As long as God did not created Adam and Eve in difference places, see no reason why couples will be living separately.

  5. Psycho couple. Living separately in this world of sin / satan

  6. No big deal though