Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Man Breaks Into Lagos Boutique, Robs For Two Hours.. SEE CCTV Footage

A friend of a Lagos Boutique owner has taken to twitter to post CCTV footage of a robbery that took place at the boutique early hours of this morning. According to the friend, the thief spent over two hours, stealing, shoes, clothes, bags and cash!

They have reported the matter to the police and are now begging anyone who knows him to please come forward. Her series of tweets and the video right after the cut. Thief!

''My friend’s boutique at Osapa got robbed this morning from after midnight until almost 2am! CCTV footage showed the guy. He took everything! Money, clothes, bags, shoes, he cleaned her out! Such a wicked, wicked person. I’m going to post the video that shows his face next…

''The thief clearly took his time. He took money, and used almost 2 hours to select and steal all the best clothes, shoes, and bags. Please RT and get in touch if you recognize him.

''He walks with a very noticeable limp. He stole millions worth of merchandise from Lamore Collections boutique at Osapa. The matter has also been reported to the police. Nobody knows who he is yet.

''Such a wicked person. He damaged the burglary proof and entered through the window. Robbery went on for almost 2 hours! Clearly unbothered. He actually checked the shoe and dress sizes before stealing them. He stole heaps and heaps and threw them out the window.

''Watching the CCTV footage for over an hour was really upsetting. He was so intentional with the stealing. He sat down to count the money, looked for more money, and then started carefully selecting clothes, bags and shoes. Wickedness!''