Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Man Forces 11-Year Old Son, To Have S-x With His Stepmother To Cure Him Of Being Gay

An eleven year- old boy was forced to have s-x with his stepmother and watch p-rn in an attempt to make him stop homos-xuality.

Daniel Dowling, who now is 36 revealed the identities of those behind his nightmares to police for the first time and what he was made to go through to supposedly cure him of homos-xuality.

He told the court how he lost his virginity to his stepmother Annette Breakspear and suffered three years of s-xual torment at their home in Bracknell, Berkshire.

According to him, his dad, Richard Dowling made him give Breakspear (stepmother) ‘goodnight kisses’ while she was chained to the bed n-ked.

‘She’d instruct me on what to do. Sometimes when Dad wasn’t there she’d ask me into her room for fondling and intercourse.’ Mirror reports.

He also added that his father made him perform oral s-x on his stepmother and punched him when he refused.

The s-xual torment which lasted for 3 years finally came to an end when his dad broke up with his step mother in 1996. But that didn’t stop him from being a victim as he fell into the hand of another paedophile at the age of 16.

The teenager revealed his childhood trauma to a psychologist after the Police found n-ked pictures of him at the paedophile’s home, but no arrests were made after his father and stepmother were interviewed.

Daniel said he’s still haunted by the smell of his stepmother’s perfume decades after the s-xual torment.

During trial, Dowling, now 62, said he was ‘trying to steer him in the right direction and not to go to the way of being gay.’

Nearly after 20 years after the abuse, Daniel attempted suicide but in 2015 he had to take action to get justice for himself.

Daniel manage to record a phone call with his father where he admitted to the abuse. But his father blamed his actions on ‘undiagnosed depression’ and said that he was influenced by his partner who had a ‘Jekyll and Hyde character.’

According to Mirrors, Dowling was jailed for five years and Breakspear for eight.