Man Stole GF’s £1k For Getaway With MISTRESS


A love rat dubbed a “fraudbae” who stole his girlfriend’s credit card details to fund a romantic getaway to Paris with another woman was snagged at Gatwick Airport.

Michael Fehsenfeld, 26, used Angel Exford’s card to buy Sky subscriptions, hotels, flowers and the trip to France in the space of weeks.

He was caught at the West Sussex airport in October when he and his mistress were about to board the flight.

But the fraudster was spared immediate jail at Camberwell Green Magistrates Court.

Angel was unhappy with the 26-week sentence, suspended for two years, and 150-hour supervised community service.

However the dental hygienist shamed Fehsenfeld by publicly exposing him on social media by branding him a “fraudbae”.

The 29-year-old, of Lambeth, south London, said: “We nicknamed him ‘fraudbae’ and made sure we had all the evidence.

“I just look as myself as blessed.

“I have have attracted loyal friends [on social media] and I will always be there for them like they have been for me.”

Angel handed Fehsenfeld her card after he claimed he had lost his wallet last month.

But the court heard he used her cash to woo the other woman.
Angel added: “Thanks to my friends who helped assemble all the evidence from Twitter where he’d written he was going to Paris, I was able to go to the police.

“I cancelled all my cards and as my card had been used for the flights I was able to access his boarding passes, one for him and one for his girl.

“We then decided to confront Michael with police at Gatwick Airport and he was arrested.”
Angel received compensation, and Michael now has fraud on his record for taking Angel’s card details and using it with intent.

Angel said: “I couldn’t believe it, flowers and flights to Paris were just some of the things he bought.

“It didn’t even cross my mind that he would then steal my details and use my money.”

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