Monday, November 12, 2018

Mum 'Tries To Sell Newborn Baby For £5,700 Online After Having Early C-Section'

A mother allegedly tried to sell her newborn online after having an early C-section so neighbours wouldn't spot her 'big belly'.

Already mum of six, Valentina Lyapunova is suspected of trying to sell her tiny son Kolya for around £5,700.

Lyapunova is also being investigated for colluding with a doctor in Russia's western Nizhny Novgorod Oblast region to have a C-section seven months into her pregnancy.

Reports claim she wanted to have her son in the seventh month of pregnancy so that neighbours would not notice her large belly.

After giving birth to Kolya, Lyapunova posted a message online saying that she wanted to give her newborn baby to adoptive parents.

Local media said a married couple identified as Yulia and Sergey responded to Lyapunova's post.

They arrived from the Russian capital Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod to see the baby.

Yulia said: "We thought Lyapunova was looking for adoptive parents, but it turned out that she wanted to sell her baby.

"She said she knew a top official who was able to put our names on the birth certificate as if we were his biological parents.

"The mother asked for 500,000 RUB (5,744 GBP) for her son.
"We refused such a deal and reported her to the social movement 'Alternativa' ('Alternative')."

According to Yulia, she met Lyapunova several times and on one occasion they were secretly recorded by Alternativa volunteers.

The recording was handed over to the police, according to reports.

Cops are investigating the incident and have yet to make a statement.