Thursday, November 15, 2018

Peter Obi Apologises To Kemi Adetiba Over Her Horrible Experience With Immigration Officials

LMAO! If only, and if genuinely we have leaders like this, won’t Nigeria be great? So Aremu Afolayan narrated his own experience and VP Osinbajo sent a phone call through to him, now Vice Presidential aspirant under PDP, Peter Obi has also come forward to apologise to Kemi Adetiba over her own horrible experience? LMAO! If only election wasn’t around the corner, we would have termed it COOL. But wait, if our leaders turn out to be this at all times, will it hurt them? Lol… Let’s make Nigeria great again. LOL!!!!

So Peter Obi responded to Kemi after her message went viral saying;

‘’Hello Kemi. Congratulations on your blockbuster film, #KingOfBoys. I’m sorry you went through that experience. I agree that things can be better. How? Press RESET on service reforms by retraining public servants to serve, rather than harass Nigerians and visitors.’’

A very respectful Kemi then replied, saying;
‘’Thank you, Sir. Will look out for more of plans and strategies.’’


  1. They are now active on social media than ever

  2. All na propaganda

  3. Political strategy

  4. He is active on social media. Why didn't he apologize to Aremu. We can see through all the facade and can filter things ourselves