Monday, November 26, 2018

Photos: Olajuwon Obasanjo Spotted Embracing Father After Declaring Support For Buhari's Re-Election

After emerging the new National President of the Buhari Youth Organization, Olajuwon Obasanjo has been spotted giving his dad a tight hug.

The son of the former president had earlier declared his intention to support Buhari for 2nd term, before he was bestowed with this new position. And now hugging his dad? That shouldn't stop their father/son relationship tho.. But a close look at those photos shows who is happy and who is not happy deep down loool.

We are waiting for the Okupe's hug too! Recall Okupe's son, Ditan has also expressed his intention to work for President Buhari's re-election? Yea, he is taking all their sons, lol.


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