Pretty Mike Compares Girls With Fake Ass To His S-x Doll, Amaka


Mad! mad!! mad!!! Pretty Mike says if you have a fake ass, then you are just like his s-x doll, Amaka. Writing on his insta-story he told your boyfriends that it simply means they are also with a s-x doll like him, if you wear a fake ass! Lmao!! His words…

“SO FOR LAGOS, IF YOU NO GET FAKE YANSH, YOU NO BE BIG GIRL😂…THE KINDS OF YANSHS I SAW LAST NITE🙊smh, 🙈…Hey Guys Just know that if you give ur Girl Money to Fix YANSH, Then know that you n @PrettyMikeOfLagos Dey Carry Sex Dolls 😂together, So many LIVING SEX DOLLS in Lagos😂.. I heard if you bring Two girls to Fix YANSH, you get 1 Free at 300k,🙊…..make Una wait till my Aba people Begin do there thing”

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