Monday, November 5, 2018

Probe Of Atiku's Dubai Meeting: PDP Chiefs, Fani Kayode, Ben Bruce Reacts

After the All Progressives Congress (APC) asked security agencies in the country to probe the strategy meetings of the leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, alleging that they have sinister agenda, PDP Chiefs, Fani Kayode and Ben Bruce have now reacted.

Ben Brice says, when President Buhari was in London, he met with almost the whole leadership of APC there and opposition party, PDP never complained or condermed it.

While FFK simply called the probe madness.

''How can @OfficialAPCNg say HE @atiku met with myself, @bukolasaraki, @PeterGregoryObi, @renoomokri and others in Dubai to plan against Nigeria? In 2018, @MBuhari spent 5 months in UK. He met with almost the whole leadership of APC there. Did @OfficialPDPNig complain or condemn?'', Ben Bruce wrote on twitter.

''The flagbearer of the opposition party travels to Dubai for a rest and to meet with other party leaders for a discussion about the way forward. The reaction of the ruling party is to call on the security agencies to probe all those that attended the meetng. Is this not madness?'', FFK also wrote separately on his twitter page.


  1. APC can be somehow sha

  2. The common sense senator's points are valid

  3. There is a desperation from APC that is ridiculous. When they were traveling to meet Buhari in London, it was fine. Now Atiku goes to Dubai and they are planning to destroy Nigeria? Part of the concern is that they cannot bug the Dubai location or get an insider to give information. Anyway our politicians on both sides are hypocrites. -Newyorker