Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Smart, Intelligent & God-Fearing! Dele Momodu Describes Osinbajo As The Pillar Of Buhari’s Govt

Before some of you will say, Ladun where did he mention pillar. English is not too hard now. If you take your time to read it and not that you have any other thing in mind, then ofcourse you know he is referring to the VP as the pillar of this administration. Sometimes somebody will want to write headline and would have to think again, just because some people will say the word you used is not in what the person said. Oya back to the gist. Dele Momodu has disclosed on social media that Nigeria’s Vice-President, Yemi Osinbajo has been a major force in the Buari-led administration especially now that 2019 campaign has started. Momodu described Osinbajo as smart, intelligent and God fearing stating he is the one doing most of the work now, and if luck shines on them and they are re-elected into office, some unseen forces will like to take the shine and start flexing muscles again. Dele’s exact words below…

''I love our Vice President PROFESSOR YEMI OSINBAJO for many reasons, smart, intelligent, cerebral, God-fearing, energetic, and so on... He is one of the reasons many of us placed high hopes in the BUHARI Government. He and a few others have made significant contributions to the modest achievements of this government but I doubt he's been able to perform optimally because of the type of banal politics of parochialism we play in our clime. No one would have noticed the palpable weaknesses of this government if PROF was allowed to run shows in a more professional manner. We saw the obvious difference anytime he had acted as President.
He is now the major pillar of Buhari's Presidential campaign crisscrossing Nigeria and beyond to make up for the gaping holes in a government that promised so much but delivered too little. I pray he is not being overused and over-stressed at the moment and hope, when tomorrow comes, and by some stroke of miracle they win, he would not be discarded and made redundant while some invisible forces begin to flex MUSCLES again.
This is a sad reality Nigeria has to live with until our great country is restructured, one way or another...
Good luck PROF...''