Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Tonto Dikeh Comes For Patience Ozokwor Over Her ‘Wardrobe Change’ Suggestion For Christians

Veteran Nollywood actress, Patience Ozokwor in an interview recently said, when someone becomes born again, it must reflect in their dressing. She further explained that, we must know who Christians are from others.

Now, younger actress, Tonto Dikeh says mama is wrong and salvation is personal. She also went to say that saying is local.

If you are reading this, and you don’t know who is right or wrong, be fast to do a quick google on indecent dressing from the scriptures. Do a quick google about how God says our body is His temple.

This is so hilarious… so you can wear a dress that exposes your privates and say I am heaven bound? Just imagine if you die like that, will the gate of heaven be opened to someone who is standing in front of it with her privates exposed?

Lol… even your earthly father who isn’t holy, will berate you for it, how much more, your Heavenly father, God Himself, who ''sleeps and wakes'' in HOLINESS. You show breast put for him? Nahhh, He is too decent to see that, even His angels will flee from such a person. God help us all. Make your bible your friend o. Showing off breast, and co no go make you enter heaven o. Bitter truth….

In the interview, mama had said;

''The church is separate from the world. Let us know who you are. If you have repented and you have not changed your wardrobe, you still have a long way to go.''

Tonto on IG wrote;

''With all due respect mama biko run your race, salvation is personal and its not sin in no bible…..its this local way of viewing Christianity that actually corrupts the house of God with polluted message…Too much love for you mama but ya WRONG….If anyone decides to serve God in Rags. designer’s, hair or no hair knock yourselves out''


  1. Tonto thrives on controversy and she needs it now I guess. Everyone has the belief, do yours and let God see your heart

  2. She's crazy is patience her mate

  3. This Tonto is just so full of drama

  4. Must this one put her mouth in everything

  5. Tonto is somehow right here