Friday, November 9, 2018

What Prison Experience Taught Me - Dammy Krane

Though many may have since forgotten about the credit card fraud allegation leveled against Nigerian singer, Dammy Krane, in Canada last year, but memories of the experience which almost ruined his image and music career are still fresh in his mind.

Recalling his prison experience in Canada, Dammy Krane told Showtime what he learnt from the whole experience.

“I learnt three very important things after that experience; to appreciate God, family and my fans. Meanwhile there are a lot of friends turned family”, he said.

He added that on his return to Nigeria after being certified innocent of the crime by the Canadian court of Law, instead of dwelling on negative comments from family members, industry colleagues, friends and fans, he focused more on the positive comments.

“I have something I always do when it comes to social media; I concentrate more on the positive comments than the negative ones.

That someone has taken out his time to write something nice is something to appreciate”, he said. Speaking further, he explained why he decided to wear the orange prison uniform prisoners usually wear abroad to the first show he performed after his return to Nigeria. “It was Basketmouth that brought the idea. Though I had already used it to shoot a video and also infused it into the dressing of my dancers in the video.”