Sunday, November 11, 2018

Why I Post Sultry Photos Despite Being A Virgin, Adokiye Reveals Reason

Adokiye has explained why she posts sultry photos despite being a virgin attributing it to her profession. The singer, who shocked Nigerians sometime ago when she disclosed she has never known a man, explains to Sunday Scoop why she can post photos like that and yet, be a virgin to the call. Read…

“Those pictures are completely professional. I am an artiste and creativity is part of my job. It is my duty to be 100 per cent professional and if my profession entails me posing sexily, I will do it because it is what I signed up for. Being sexual has nothing to do with my virginity. I am still a virgin and will remain so till I get married.

“I don’t know why people think the entertainment industry is immoral. It is a profession just like any other. Choosing to remain a virgin was a decision I took for personal reasons. That I am a virgin doesn’t mean that those that are not are bad or that I’m better than them. I want to keep my virginity for my husband and that’s my personal decision.”


  1. Virgin that has shown the world her nudity ba? Nonsesne

  2. The only thing she ever talks about in interviews is her virginity. is that her talent?

  3. Mtchews, one must be known for something

  4. And what kind of man will marry a woman that the world have seen her nudity