Saturday, November 3, 2018

Why People Think I Am Gay –Benson Okonkwo

Nollywood actor, Benson Okonkwo, has said he is already used to people accusing him of being gay and is tired of talking about it. Okonkwo noted that playing gay roles in three movies in the past was probably the reason why he was being accused of being gay.

The actor has endured a public backlash over the last couple of days, particularly on the Internet shortly after he released some nude photos of himself, in which he used a curtain to cover his manhood. The actor immediately reacted to the insults he got from people by releasing a statement on his Instagram page.

However, in a chat with Saturday Beats, the actor blamed the situation on his being “handsome”.

“There is nothing wrong with that picture; I have talked about this gay issue endlessly and I am tired. People always accuse handsome men of being gay.

“I have played the role of being gay in three movies so maybe they are accusing me because I did justice to the roles. I am a versatile actor, so I was just being professional.

“I took the picture for a movie. I have been living with this allegation and it is not fair; God will judge the people judging me. Whoever thinks he has clean hands should cast the first stone.

“Let them keep talking, talk is cheap and free; rumours even make me more popular. I have my fans, people still love me regardless of what some others say,” he told Saturday Beats.