Friday, December 28, 2018

Davido Accused Of Slapping Kizz Daniel's Manager At His Concert Last Night

Davido has been accused of slapping Kizz Daniel's manager at his concert yesterday. According to many twitter users, the act took place back stage and it made Kizz Daniel walk out of the concert. Peteruonion who took out time to narrate how it happened wrote on twitter;

Apparently Kizz Daniel could not perform at #DavidoLiveInConcert because Davido slapped his manager at the backstage of his concert.

Davido just finished performing on stage and wanted to go and change backstage and he met Kizz Daniel manager walking towards the same place and his guys pushed him away, then Davido asked his guys "who be that" and they answered that it was Kizz manager #thread

Then Davido just entered 30 billion gang shit and went straight to drag out Kizz manager that was jejely going on his own and gave him a hot slap and poured drink on his face and was like "don't fuck with me"

Kizz Daniel stood up and left the show like a sensible human being then Davido still went ahead and performed KiDavido Accused Of Slapping Kizz Daniel's Manager At His Concert Last Night
zz Daniel song alone just like that.


  1. One day he would pay for how he treats people.

  2. If this were to be the US the manager just became a millionaire

  3. But wait seriously if a celeb slap me I must not slap back?

  4. That's what the society gets when fame is given to an immature man

  5. There might be more to the story. The manager might have said something not too complementary

  6. Silence is golden love u kizz Daniel.