Thursday, December 27, 2018

Don't Go & Fight Other Men When Your Wife Leaves You, Daddy Freeze Speaks On Viral Video

Daddy Freeze has taken to IG t speak out on the viral video of a husband who attacked a man for taking his wife to Burna Boy's concert. Daddy Freeze says, if a woman's spirit/heart has left the marriage, the man has no right to physically go and fight for her. He wrote;

Dear Nigerian husbands, if your wife would rather be with someone else at a concert, please set her free and move on.

Marriage as it was intended by God is supposed to be a ‘spiritual’ union first, before a physical one. If she is willing to do this, then it’s either her spirit is no longer in the union or her spirit never was.

Fighting her physically or fighting for her physically is TOTALLY wrong and it likens what was meant to be a spiritual union to a demonic possession, where just like demons ‘possess’ their victims, spouses are under the deluded impressions that they ‘own’ or possess one another, and this is absolutely not the true picture of the marriage in Christ.

From the day my ex left in June 2014, I have never picked up my phone to call her or fight her, for her to leave her spirit was no longer in the union and to be entirely honest neither was mine!

I wished her well and moved on myself, I’d advice you all to do the same instead of this unnecessary embarrassment you are bringing upon yourself by literally turning the 26th of December into a ‘boxing’ day! ~FRZ


  1. Sound idea Daddy F.

  2. Must this one put his mouth in everything

  3. Freeze that have no respect for marriage institution is talking

  4. Ever since your wife left you in 2014, you neither called but when she traveled out of the country with your children without telling you, you came ranting on social media. Mumu man