Friday, December 14, 2018

Drug Addict Begs Police Officer For Help After Dealer Sells Him Flour Instead Of Cocaine

Lol. A drug user sought assistance from an unlikely source after his dealer fooled him during a recent transaction.

A police officer on a routine patrol shift in Peru was approached by an addict over his failed attempt to purchase cocaine.

The dealer, who isn't seen in the viral cell phone video, allegedly deceived the buyer by handing over a plastic baggy filled with what was supposed to be cocaine.

When he went to snort it, the unnamed man noticed something wrong with the powder's texture and knew right away that he was actually in possession of flour.

'I am from La Porra, I came to get my drugs, boss,' the addict told the cop during the weird interaction.

'And I want to file a report because they’ve given me flour, boss.'

According to Article 299 of the Peruvian Penal Code, it is legal in the South American country to possess up to two grams of cocaine or at least five grams of coca paste for personal use.

The drug abuser pleaded for more help from the cop, who then broke out into laughter before the amusing video was cut short.

'Help me out with that, boss, because one comes here to get his drugs and they give you flour.'