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Friday, December 14, 2018

It's Horrific! Shan George Says As She Screams Child Marriage Must Stop

Absolutely horrific! Shan George has joined Nigerians who criticized a marriage of a man believed to be 70 who traditionally got married to a girl believed to be under-aged this week in Niger state. Shan says this must stop and made it clear it's something that should never happen in this century.

''My heart cant stop bleeding since i saw this wedding pix yesterday, i Detest any Man, Woman, Religion, Govt, Tradition or Anything under the Earth that would put a child like this under this kind of Eternal Emotional, Psycological and Physical Turture in d name of Marriage. If this used to be ok during the Stone Age for whatever reason, Now is the time to stop this HORROR. Poor child, I cant deal, i'm traumatised'', the actress and movie producer wrote.


  1. And disturbing too

  2. In a sane country, the man will be under investigation by now

  3. You cam say that again madam

  4. As in the Northerners and Muslims ..Their tradition and belief sucks .The child is unhappy .