Sunday, December 23, 2018

It’s Not True I’ve Left My Husband –Bose Alao

Actress, Bose Omotoyosi’s marriage has often been fodder for entertainment journalists. The actress had been a victim of domestic violence and she exclusively confided in Sunday Scoop some months ago that she was undergoing therapy together with her husband. This made many of her fans happy as it seemed that her marital woes were finally behind her.

However, it was recently reported that Bose had moved out of her matrimonial home. But in a chat with Sunday Scoop, she laughed off the rumour. She said, “(Laughs). It is not true that I’ve moved out of my husband’s house. People just like to spread baseless rumours. In fact, I’m interested in hearing the gist because I wasn’t aware of it.

 I think this rumour may have started because I commented on a post on Instagram which said that the traditional African woman who cooked, cleaned, took care of the house and was submissive had stopped being that way because she was repeatedly cheated on and abused.

I simply said that I agreed with what the writer posited. I have my plans and if I want to do anything, social media is a no-go for me. It has done more damage than good to me; even my career was affected! I would rather discuss success. I want everything about my home off the media.”

Affirming that her relationship with her husband was smooth, she said, “There is nothing wrong between me and my husband. He is presently in Cotonou (as of Thursday) for a gala match and he will be back shortly. We are on good terms.”


  1. Must she always talk? This lady has no sense at all

  2. Take your family matter off social media

  3. Never stick in an abusive realtionship

  4. Is this one an actress?

  5. Once a wife beater always a wife beater
    razak will never stop beating you.....and sleeping around. Remember the beating he gave you when you called out Bidemi. Abegi stop forming power couple, you are just trying too hard Bose

  6. God will continue to uphold your marriage