Friday, December 28, 2018

Lady Who Got ''Robbed'' At Davido's Show Calls Him Out For It [Pics]

A  lady (@hrh_karimah) has taken to social media to call out Davido saying she was robbed right in front of the singer and the singer did nothing. She narrated how it happened and all she lost before sharing a injured photo of herself. But was the Vagina part necessary? Read;

I was robbed and assaulted at @iam_Davido #InfinixDavidoLiveInConcert. And davido looked straight at me and continued the show.

I lost my phone,my ATM card and all my money all because you couldn’t pause the show and see that your fans were dying. A grown man groped me, inserted his fingers in my vagina and continuously beat me up. I fell down on broken glass and you just continued.

I was literally stranded at eko Atlantic all the way from ikeja. I told my mum that only rapture was going to stop me from seeing davido and I wish rapture actually happened before this concert..

Before this incident I was like your biggest fan.I didn’t have money but I entered a lot of fake giveaways and called my friends to send me money to come and see you at your concert.

Now I’m in more debt. All my properties are gone and I have a broken arm and a black eye as souvenirs from your concert. The crazy thing was you looked directly at me and continued performing.


  1. Calling him out is not it. Na him rob you or he invited you to his concert?

  2. Is Davido a police?

  3. can't you scream for help

  4. Am not sure Davido saw you

  5. Mybe next time you would stay in your house and watch on social media like the rest. They never provide adequate security, but just care about being sold out

  6. Let's be honest you don't expect him to stop a whole show for you. Moreso i see her call out as attention seeking.