Thursday, December 13, 2018

Man Discovers That Four-Year-Old Son Was Fathered By Wife’s Lecturer

A Kuwadzana man doubted the paternity of his child for four years after noticing the child didn’t bear his resemblance.

Lovemore Mlambo denied his assumed child a birth certificate following doubts that the child was his after conception. This prompted him to approach the Global DNA Zimbabwe with his wife Angel Taringwa for a paternity test. The results confirmed his suspicions.

Mlambo in an interview during Tilder Live Show on Tuesday night on Star Fm, told the nation that he had come across messages in his wife’s phone talking to another man who invited her for drinks and lunch.

Lovemore confessed that his love for his wife deteriorated after the birth of the child. According to Lovemore, the child bears resemblance to his wife’s lecturer, whom he assumes bedded his wife.

In response Angel refused to identify the real father of the child, instead stating that she had been faithful to her husband for the time they were together.

Angel highlighted that for the five years the two had lived together the two had no child and would have been promiscuous then if she wanted to.

The DNA centre concluded that there was zero percent that the child was his.