Monday, December 17, 2018

Man Murders Ex-Partner & Her Mum After She Dumped Him Over Secret Wife

A 21-year-old man murdered his defenceless ex-partner and her mother weeks after being dumped when she found out he had a secret wife and children in Afghanistan.

Janbaz Tarin admitted killing Raneem Oudeh and Khaola Saleem in a frenzied knife attack outside Mrs Saleem's home in Solihull, West Midlands, on August 27.

After the former student pleaded guilty to two counts of murder at Birmingham Crown Court, senior detectives described how jilted Tarin went to "hunt down" Ms Oudeh, whom was his wife under Islamic law.

Ms Oudeh, described by family as "always smiling", was on the phone to police when she was savagely attacked by Tarin, outside her mother's home.

When Mrs Saleem attempted to save her daughter from the onslaught, she too was fatally stabbed by callous Tarin, who fled the scene before officers arrived.

The head of West Midlands Police's CID described the crime as "one of the most brutal and heart-rending" he had seen in 150 homicides.

It came as the family of Ms Oudeh, a mum-of-one, revealed Tarin "hassled" the 22-year-old into marriage after they met at Solihull College, where he enrolled after lying about his age.

Chillingly, he later told her "when I saw you, I said this is mine".

But after being wed, Tarin turned violent towards Ms Oudeh and the couple had split "months" before the killing, according to her aunt Nour Norris.

She said: "He used to threaten her many times 'if you leave me, I will kill you and your family'.

"Unfortunately she only told us that at the end because she knew, she couldn't cope with him anymore with all the violence he was giving her and she knew that the police and authority and everybody wasn't really helping her so she felt like she could say those things.

"One day she said to me, Auntie, I feel my life's going to end.

"I said 'don't say that'.

"That was few weeks before she was murdered."

The split was triggered, in part, when she became aware Tarin had lied to her from the start; about being much older than he claimed, and about a secret family he had back in the Middle East.

The Independent Office of Police Conduct is investigating the circumstances surrounding the police response to the murders, after a self-referral by West Midlands Police.