Monday, December 10, 2018

Man & Woman Shamed For Having S-x In The Car [They Are Pictured In Full Glare]

A facebook user, John has shared the embarrassing moment a man and woman were caught banging in their car. John didn’t mention the exact location this happened, but said residents of the area got angry when the couple were caught in their environment, shamed them, then asked them to leave.

According to John, they parked their car at an isolated area along the street, where they took up the act, before they were caught.


  1. No hotel again?

  2. Mind your business.

  3. Shame on who post this act online, though the act can't be justified be done in the public but it done in their car, not yours, it is their privacy why the intrusion. No need for filming them, those that did that only use that means to peep on the lady nakedness. Shame on them.