Monday, December 17, 2018

Meghan Has Always Been Controlling, Father Says As He Appears On GMB To Even Reveal More

Hehehe, father like Thomas! Meghan Markle's frozen out father today revealed he texts her every day and begs her to get back in contact but his Meghan has never replied.

Thomas Markle appeared on ITV's Good Morning Britain and said he hopes the Queen will intervene to heal the bitter rift between him, his pregnant daughter and Prince Harry - the son-in-law he has never met.

Explaining why he believes Meghan has shut him out Mr Markle said: 'She has always been a very controlling person and that is part of her nature, but she has never been rude. She has always been in charge'.

The 74-year-old, who last spoke to the Duchess of Sussex on the eve of her wedding in May, claims he sends her text messages 'every day' and has also sent letters to Kensington Palace.

He said: 'I've been ghosted. I'm not sure why it's happening. I love my daughter very much. I wish she would reach out, send me a text, anything. There has to be a place for me. I'm her father'.

And in a message of reconciliation for his estranged daughter, who is believed to be around five months pregnant, Mr Markle stared down the camera and said: 'I love you very much. I would like to hear from you. Whatever difficulties we've had I hope we can work through them. We're family'.

Meghan cut off contact with her father after he failed to walk her down the aisle and has rebuffed all his attempts to make contact with her since then. 

But Mr Markle hopes the birth of her child will break down that 'barrier', adding: 'I think she will make a great mum and maybe things will soften a bit and we will get back in contact'.

He added: 'I'm certainly hoping that everything goes well that they produce a beautiful baby. I hope I'll get to see a little Meghan or a little Harry'.

Mr Markle has said that this will be his first Christmas without a card, call or visit from his beloved youngest child, who will spend it with the Queen at Sandringham.

Thomas Markle said he hopes Her Majesty will help him and said: 'I would be grateful for anything she can do.

'I would think she would want to resolve any family problems. All families, royal or not, need to be together, especially in the holidays'.

Speaking from San Diego, Mr Markle said the rift 'can't continue forever' and he would keep trying to connect with his daughter.

He went on: 'I don't plan to be silent for the rest of my life. I love my daughter very much and she has to know that, and I would really appreciate if she would call me, just reach out to me.

'There has to be a place for me. I'm here, she knows it ... I need her to reach back to me.'