Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Meghan Stoops FAR Further Than Last Year As She Greets The Queen [Photos]

A year ago, to the day, Meghan raised eyebrows when she debuted a less-than-perfect curtsy to the Queen.

But it appears the Duchess of Sussex has been practising because today, despite being pregnant, she adhered to royal protocol and knelt down much further.

Royal experts criticised Meghan last year fire for her 'poor attempt' compared to Kate's more polished effort.

This year, the pregnant Duchess pulled off a much deeper curtsy, they said, with her hands clasped together and head bowed as a sign of respect outside the St. Mary Magdalene church in Sandringham.

Last year, Meghan's right foot was not properly planted behind her left leg which meant she was not able to curtsy deep enough while maintaining balance.

However this year, the Duchess of Sussex was seen giving herself a much more solid platform from which to curtsy as she fully planted her right foot behind her left leg and bowed deeply out of respect.

Royal butler Grant Harrold said: 'What you should be doing, for a lady, is the right foot behind the left, and then it is a gentle bob.

'You keep the hands in because you're not a penguin.'