Saturday, December 29, 2018

Mother Arrested For Murdering Her Twin Toddlers

Forensic experts were seen removing pillows wrapped in evidence bags earlier today from the home where two toddlers were found dying.

The family of the twins whose mother has been charged with their murder have spoken out about the 'terrible tragedy'.

Samantha Ford will appear in court tomorrow accused of killing her children Jake and Chloe after they died in hospital yesterday. 

The 37-year-old mother allegedly crashed the family's Ford Galaxy into the back of a lorry before she was arrested.

Emergency services discovered the children after 37-year-old Samantha was pulled from the wreckage of a crash on a dual carriageway at 2.50am yesterday morning.

Officers who drove to her home on a new-build estate in Westwood near Margate, Kent found two dying children. 

Ford's brother James Emptage, 27, told The Sun: 'It's a terrible tragedy. I will pay tribute but not right now.'

Her grandmother Pamela Emptage, 80, said that the two toddlers were lovely and referenced the fact that they didn't even make their second birthday, also adding that it was 'absolutely tragic'.   

The youngsters were taken to hospital around 3.35am where doctors battled to save their lives, but both were declared dead shortly after arriving.

The twins' father, Steven Ford, posted a picture of him and Chloe online last week, with the caption: 'Snuggling with my fave girl #daughter #myworld #twins'. 

Ford will appear at Canterbury Magistrates' Court on Saturday morning. 

Photos posted on social media show Ford and her keen golfer husband Steven enjoying days out with the children in the summer this year.

They are believed to have lived in nearby Ashford until recently.