Friday, December 21, 2018

Nigerian Dad Comes On Social Media To Celebrate His 26th Wedding Anniversary Saying 'My Wife's Breast Has Been Comforting Me'

Many people have been left dazed after this Nigeria Dad took to Facebook to say his wife's breasts have been comforting him since they tied the knot in 1992.

Praising his wife the more, Nnamdi Asomugha Snr wrote; ''Wedding anniversary. Folks on this day on 19th December, 1992, I wedded my then girlfriend Ngozi Nwosu who I now call Ngo baby. Since then her breast has comforted me.

''I wish you all happy wedding anniversary too now or in the future. I hope you love my wedding suit & overall dressing on that day!'', he said while posting a photo from their wedding 26 years ago. Lol.


  1. They have scattered daddy's head with nunu

  2. She must be a good wife for him to celebrate her this way.

  3. Eleyi deep gan

  4. He should continue using her breast as comfort zone