Monday, December 31, 2018

Nigerian Man Set To Marry Elder Sister Of Girlfriend, After The Girl Turned Him Down

Which kind sister be this o? Which kind parents dem get sef and which kind man be this too. Omo some real end time shit!

A Nigerian man is set to marry the elder sister of his girlfriend whom he dated for 5 years. According to him, after dating for 5 years, he proposed and she refused, then he went on to his elder sister.

Announcing it on social media he wrote;

"Dated a girl for 5 years, proposed to her but she said NO simply because her parents won't allow a non Igbo marry their daughter I moved on to ask her elder sister to marry me and I got a big YES! My ex is now threatening fire and brimstone but we've fixed the dates anyway" He wrote

Lmao... does that mean the elder sister has been eyeing her young sister’s man?