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Monday, December 10, 2018

Niyi Johnson Handling Boxer Naija’s State Tours

[Claps hands] Lol. Shame on everyone that said Niyi Johnson can’t afford a million naira for his divorce proceedings. So Niyi Johnson is like the major celeb handling the road work of Boxer Naija, a new company in town that sells motorcycle and we are sure he got more than a million naira from that deal. Niyi has been busy touring states with the team in the past few days and as we speak, he is heading to Offa to continue doing what he got paid for. So can we stop saying he can’t afford a million naira? Lmaoo… Bad bad people 😀


  1. sarcasm laduni

  2. Awon mari masó- Newyorker

  3. Just be deceiving him

  4. So you want him to spend his first million on divorce? He’s been a 10k job queue since na. You’re not even sure if this dealt worth 500k, you just mentioned 1m. This guy will dance naked if anybody offers him 1m gba bee