Saturday, December 29, 2018

People Think I Am Married With Kids But I’m Not - Big Sheff Reveals

Sheriff Olakunle Ilori, popularly known as Big Sheff, has openly confirmed his marital status which has been misconceived by some people. The rapper and musician noted that he had lost a lot of prospective relationships due to this misconception.

“I don’t have any wife or children, a lot of people actually get things wrong. The children whose pictures are on my Instagram page are my nephews.

A lot of girls have turned down my proposal because of this misconception. My sister and I are very close, so I transferred the love I have for her to her children, which is why people think they are mine.

“My brother lives in Canada with his wife, and they have a set of twins, while my sister has two kids in Nigeria. I take pictures with them at intervals. Last year, I was at the stage of getting to know a lady when she accused me of having kids already.

“I told her I didn’t have any child but she insisted I was lying. She even went as far as doing research on me via Google; she took a screenshot of the results of her search. After she confronted me with the screenshot, I was dumfounded; I had to apologise to her because there was nothing I would have said to convince her. I eventually told her I was sorry for wasting her time.

“I am single, but I am not searching because some ladies think I have kids. If I am searching, it means I am desperate and I’m ready to accept anybody that comes my way. Ladies don’t send me messages on Instagram anymore, I’m sure it is because they see me as a married man,” he told Saturday Beats.


  1. Really, i actually thought he was married too

  2. OMG initiator please work on your weight..may God make it easy..

  3. Ladies please continue to send him messages on Instagram

  4. Because you have portrayed yourself as a married man with kids