Friday, December 14, 2018

Popular Beauty Blogger Faces Life Behind Bars After Secretly Killing Two Babies From Two Pregnancies

A Youtbe star is facing life behind bars after allegedly covering up two pregnancies before dumping the babies in bins.

Alyssa Anne Dayvault had puzzled medics when they treated her vaginal bleeding only to find a placenta and umbilical cord — but no infant attached.

Authorities became involved and when quizzed Dayvault admitted she had given birth at her home in North Myrtle Beach, in South Carolina, United States.

Police documents say the baby had been born alive and had taken “multiple gasping” breaths shortly after birth.

But it is alleged Dayvault failed to seek medical attention or try to keep the infant alive.

She is then said to have dumped her child in a wheely bin.

It transpired she had done the same to another child.

The popular 30-year-old beauty blogger from South Carolina was already a mum of two and frequently posted photographs of her kids on Instagram.

She would also share images of her creative make-up designs.

After being refused bail she is being held at the J.Reuben Long Detention Centre.